Kate Winslet Will Star As A Detective In HBO’s New Moody Crime Series  

Kate Winslet

Eight years after starring in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, Kate Winslet is returning to the telly screen and network for a brand new limited series by the name of Mare of Easttown. 

I’m getting major moody vibes from that title. Also, Kate Winslet x HBO x detective series = a big fat tick.

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Per DeadlineWinslet will star as a small-town Pennsylvania detective who investigates a local murder all while dealing with her own personal struggles.

Again, moody vibes à la The Sinner – at least it sounds like it.

The Accountant director Gavin O’Connor will helm and produce the series from a script written by Brad Ingelsby (The Dynamiter, Out of the Furnace, Run All Night). Winslet will also serve as executive producer.

The actor is undoubtedly more known for her roles on the big screen – re: Titanic – but Winslet has also received praise for her performances on the lil’ screen. For her role in Mildred Pierce, Winslet was awarded an Emmy for best lead actress in a limited series.

Most recently, Winslet reunited with her Titanic director James Cameron on the set of the Avatar sequels. In it, Winslet plays a character named Ronal. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in late 2017, Cameron revealed Ronal was “part of the Sea People, the reef people.” 

Now, get this:

“The one thing she [Winslet] did do is demand that she do all her own water work,” Cameron told EW. “I said, ‘All right, that’s fine, we’ll have to teach you how to free dive.’ The other actors are up to three- and four-minute breath holds. We’ve already been doing underwater capture. We did a scene last week with six teenagers, well, actually five teenagers and one 7-year-old underwater holding their breath for a couple minutes and acting, actually doing a dialogue scene under water because they speak kind of a sign language.”

That is an impressive amount of time to hold one’s breath.

A shame Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t cast in this film.

The still untitled Avatar sequel is slated for release in late 2020.