Kate Waterhouse, serial dater, noted journalist and lunch enthusiast, has come to her own defence in a column in today’s Herald written as a response to a painfully awkward interview she conducted last week with Christina Hendricks which made international headlines of the internet, news media and E! variety.

WE WENT TO: The Column. In it Waterhouse addresses the ‘international media storm’ that was created in the wake of a line of questioning she pursued concerning Hendricks’ much-referenced figure. Waterhouse writes, “I asked: “You have been an inspiration as a full-figured woman; what is the most inspiring story that you can remember [where you’ve inspired someone? So um you have, you’ve been known as an inspiration for women as being a full figure.] It seemed inoffensive to me, so I was shocked when she refused to answer the question and told me it was “just rude”.

I hope she realises that refusing to own up to the fact that she is full-figured only breeds more insecurity on body acceptance. Unfortunately, she has now made the term full-figured a dirty word.

WE ATE: Some words, scallop ceviche. Inane questions and humble bragging aside, it would seem Kate has now successfully turned the tables on Hendricks and placed the onus for her taking offence squarely on her “amply proportioned” shoulders; and that’s quite a full-figured feat of rhetoric indeed. You can read the entire column about why Christina Hendricks is in the wrong for not wanting to be defined by incessant questions about her body as opposed to her talent here.

WE DRANK: Some needless Internet vitriol, a cappuccino. Waterhouse writes that “Since referring to Hendricks as full- figured, I have had countless abusive tweets, emails and comments about my weight.” Come on, Internet, that’s just unnecessary.

KATE WORE: An Inspired Warning For All Future Christina Hendricks Interviewers, a Josh Goot dress.

YOU CAN: Watch the whole thing again below and voice your opinion in the comments section below.