Karlie Kloss Stokes The Taylor Swift Feud Fire By Having Katy Perry At Her 2nd Wedding

When you’re a rich celebrity who has married a rich some-other-person, you can have as many weddings as you want! 400 weddings! Go for it! Karlie Kloss gets it – she just had her second wedding celebration in Wyoming, featuring a star-studded guest list.

[jwplayer wqe0X5mC]

Held at Brush Creek Ranch according to the New York Post, the second wedding comes a few months shy of a year after her first wedding in Upstate NY.

That dress is pretty affordable as far as wedding gowns go, by the way. It’s Jonathan Simkhai and will cost you under $2,000.

It was celeb guests galore – but no ex-bestie Taylor Swift. Instead, Tay’s old arch-nemesis Katy Perry was present with partner Orlando Bloom, as well as Mila Kunis and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Orlando Bloom in cowboy attire is doing things for me, by the way.

It’s all extremely wholesome, and as a country fan I am down with this as a wedding vibe.


Also, Ashton Kutcher’s mo. Swipe left.


Congrats Karlie Kloss – although can you please tell us what exactly happened with Taylor I NEED TO KNOW.