Justin Brescia, fondly known by the world as Justin Bobby, will forever be the greatest thing to come out of The Hills. Not even LC‘s iconic “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you” could top JB’s powerful one-liners, ominous chair spins and combat boots at the motherfucking beach.

An Extensive Interview With Justin Bobby For Those Still Obsessed
There was something majorly intriguing about a guy who didn’t give two shits while the others were busy getting butt implants and contemplating blending burgers into a shake, something that was only reinforced when PEDESTRIAN.TV recently spoke to him.

You see, homeboy’s in town smashing out a couple of gigs for his band BobbyrocK – which you can get around here – so we absolutely took up the opportunity to dive right back into nostalgia town with Justin Bobby himself.

ImageP.TV: Justin. Thanks for taking the time to chat. How are you?

Justin Bobby: I’m alright. I’m in the California sun so it’s pretty good.

P.TV: You’re coming Down Under for a tour with your band, BobbyrocK. Will you be staying in Aus after the gigs?

JB: I can’t because the show I’ve done before, called The Hills, might be starting up again so I might have to come back and start filming.

P.TV: Are you being sarcastic?

JB: Contractually, no I’m being sarcastic but between you and I, yeah I think I might.

P.TV: Please, tell us more.

JB: I really can’t until next week but there’s speculation of The Hills starting again, so…

P.TV: Same cast or?

JB: Yeah, I think they’re keeping the good ones and leaving out the bad.

P.TV: Who are the good ones?

JB: Me (laughs).

P.TV: Obviously.

An Extensive Interview With Justin Bobby For Those Still Obsessed
JB: There’s a couple of chicks in there I don’t really care for and they’re not doing it, which is kinda cool I think. At this point I can’t really elaborate. The reason I may not be able to stay and hang out in Byron as long as I’d like is that I may have to come back and work.

P.TV: Noted. Let’s get back to the tour. Do you think The Hills has been an advantage or hindrance to your music career?

JB: It’s always an advantage. Any time you can get publicity like that and make money on it and have it exposed to, you know, the sum of people it got exposed to. Unless you’re on trial for doing something horrible, I think it’s a good thing. It’s a blessing. People wait their whole lives to do some cool shit like that, people never get a chance and I was fortunate enough to be gifted with it. It opens doors, it closed others.

P.TV: What doors did it close?

JB: There’s some rootsy places that are so gung-ho about the music that they all cross their arms – they’re like ‘Oh, this TV guy’s doing music’ and personally, I was travelling and in bands way before the TV show, so that’s what I mean by that. Some venues will pick you up and others won’t. Most venues are pretty cool about it because it’s better exposure. Some try to say like, ‘We don’t want that TV stuff around here’. Little do they know.

P.TV: So people in the music industry aren’t taking you as seriously as you’d like?

JB: I’ve smelt that happen, for sure.

P.TV: Was the way you were portrayed on The Hills true to who you are IRL?

JB: Um, no. They wanted a real bad boy. They wanted something, something that wasn’t me. They tried to show things I had done on camera but wouldn’t necessarily have done it person.

An Extensive Interview With Justin Bobby For Those Still ObsessedP.TV: What’s the biggest misconception about you which stemmed from the show?

JB: There was a couple of things they’d portray me as doing with my castmates or like, maybe the girls on the show, like Audrina. I think they did some things where people think that I left her, or left her hanging, or was with other girls, stuff like that.

P.TV: Kinda like a fuckboy?

JB: I’m definitely a fuckboy here and there, but I wasn’t on camera so they tried to portray more of that.

An Extensive Interview With Justin Bobby For Those Still ObsessedP.TV: Who else have we got all wrong thanks to what the show portrayed them as?

JB: Spencer.

P.TV: Spencer? Is he not as batshit crazy as we think he is?

JB: I mean he’s batshit crazy for sure, but he’s also got a heart of gold. The most business-gangsta guy I know that came out of that show and I think a few of the girls who were portrayed as little miss prisses were the biggest whores in fucking Los Angeles. It is what it is.

P.TV: Who are you talking about?

JB: If you watch the show you could smell it out pretty well. It’s not a big secret. You can tell who played it up and were pretty much a shithead throughout the course of their existence.

P.TV: OK. So did Spencer ever get you amongst the crystals?

JB: He actually asked me to be on one of his episodes [on his show ‘Spencer Pratt Will Heal You’] but it didn’t work out because of conflicting schedules. I like rocks and things but not to his [level]. When people are searching for something in life and they find something that works, you just go with it and he stuck with it.

An Extensive Interview With Justin Bobby For Those Still ObsessedP.TV: Your nickname, Justin Bobby, do you love or hate that it stuck?

JB: I’ve been able to differentiate between people who only knew me from the show, so it’s been a good thing.

An Extensive Interview With Justin Bobby For Those Still ObsessedP.TV: Are there people who don’t recognise you, and do you believe that they don’t recognise you?

JB: I actually got engaged one time with a girl, we were engaged for a certain amount of months and she told me she never saw the show, which I was really fascinated with. We were going pretty strong and I think she started watching the show behind me back and it kind of all fucking took a shit after that.

P.TV: It can’t be easy dating as a celeb.

JB: It’s stupid. It’s like, don’t even do it. You may as well be single and lavish, run around and have fun until you’re ready to give it all in.

An Extensive Interview With Justin Bobby For Those Still ObsessedP.TV: Everyone from The Hills is all married and with kids. How would a reboot even look?

JB: They’ve had such a big fanbase for such a long time and people are still screaming for more. Even me – I get hit up and they wanna know what’s going on with my life, so I can only imagine. Most of those girls on the show, I think girls needed closure across the globe, you know, it kind of ended abruptly, so I think it’s like a recap of what’s gonna be. People needed closure. They need, what do they look like? How are they now? How’d this path take them?

P.TV: Anyway, I’ve taken up a lot of your time. I should let you go.

JB: Any Australian interview I’m down to have a chat for as long as it takes. I respect you guys immensely and I’ve always had a genuine time with the Australians, the country and the love and support you guys have.

Nawww we love you too, Justin Bobby.


Image: MTV