‘Jurassic World 3’ Already Has A Release Date Because Sequels Find A Way

First thing’s first, you haven’t been asleep for four months and have somehow woken up and missed the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It’s still a ways off from hitting cinemas. But that isn’t stopping studio big boys from hitching their wagon firmly to the trilogy train.

Jurassic World‘s official social media accounts not only confirmed this morning that Jurassic World 3 is on the way, but they gave the not-even-remotely-in-production film a release date.

That is, the third film in the new trilogy has a firm scheduled release date, even before the second one hits cinemas.

Whether you want it or not, Jurassic World 3 is now officially set to hit cinemas on June 11, 2021.

‘Course it’d be folly to assume anything about the film, given we don’t know what happens in the second one at this stage. But fair to say that the third film will involved dinosaurs in some fashion, which means it’s fair to assume that at least some dinosaurs survive being brow-beaten by a volcano in Fallen Kingdom, if the trailers are anything to believe.

But, if we’re following the pattern of Jurassic Park trilogies past, if:

First film = The initial amusement park suffers a catastrophic failure, and;
Second film = Bone-picking businessmen foolishly attempt to salvage the scraps and transport dinosaurs to civilian mainland, which is bad, therefore;
Third film = The mystifying involvement of a giant bird cage and William H Macy.

I’m not saying you should put your life savings on that, but I’m not not saying it either.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits Australian cinemas on June 11th.