Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals The Time Hillary Clinton Brutally Blanked Her Name

In early 2013, Veep star and all-round living legend Julia Louis-Dreyfus received what seemed to be a very sweet and sincere fan letter from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton praised the star for her work in the satirical HBO show, writing: “Dear Julia – Hope you get everything you want as Veep, gun control, immigration and education reform …”

It came across as a genuine compliment, and Louis-Dreyfus was so proud that she even had the letter framed, but two years later, she found out just how fickle a mistress politics can be.

During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, the actress revealed that her name came up – or rather, didn’t come up – in a leaked batch of Clinton emails.

A fan on Twitter alerted Louis-Dreyfus to the fact that Clinton had messaged a staffer: “A friend of mine needs me to write something for Julie Dreyfus. Any idea what to say? She’s on some show.”

The staffer responded: “It’s called Veep, I will admit I have not seen it …”

Truly brutal.

While we can understand that Clinton probably had a lot going on in 2013 and didn’t have enough time to catch up with her HBO comedies, her ignorance of the actress behind Elaine Benes, one of the most iconic TV character of the ’90s, is frankly baffling.

It’s as if she’d said “a friend needs me to write something for Jennifer Anderson who played Raquel some show called Pals.” Or maybe that’s not so crazy, maybe you were born in the 2000s and have no idea who Jennifer Aniston is, please do not @ me.

Either way, Julia Louis-Dreyfus had the last laugh, as she now has Clinton’s email framed next to the original letter. Here she is explaining the whole bizarre episode to James Corden: