‘Veep’ Made An Aussie MP Laugh So Hard He Legit Gave Himself A Black Eye

Forget the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and any other award bestowed upon the best TV comedy: the single highest honour a show can achieve is actively fucking up someone’s eye due to them laughing so hard. 

With that in mind, Julia-Louis Dreyfus can take a bow. 

The Australian reports that none other than Labor MP Graham Perrett sustained injuries just under his left peeper due to an episode of Veep. 

According to him, he was chowing down on some dinner while watching the lauded White House comedy. 
Veep being Veep – ie. goddamn hilarious, especially so to someone entrenched within the world of politics – Perrett had a mighty chuckle, which resulted in him choking on his grub. 
While attempting to extricate the rice from his throat (thanks for the detail, Oz), Perrett collapsed face-first into the bench. Hence, a big ol’ black eye, caused by none other than the inimitable Selina Meyer.
The fall necessitated a hospital visit, during which Perrett copped three stitches. Afterwards, the Member for Moreton told the paper “I’m losing votes every time I show my face,” which is a suitably self-deprecating response considering the whole situation.
We’ll keep you posted as to whether his other eye survives the remainder of Season 6.

Source: The Australian.
Photo: HBO / YouTube.