Well I’ll Be Fucked, A Study Has Worked Out Which Actors Swear The Most In Their Films

Jonah Hill

A study into profanity in films has determined that Jonah Hill does the most on-screen swearing of any actor, dropping an average of 22.9 curse words for every 1000 words of spoken dialogue. That’s a truly prolific number of f-bombs, and I’m so very proud of him right now.

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The study was carried out by the site Buzz Bingo, which analysed 3500 movie scripts to find out the most profane films as well as the actors who swear the most on screen, and even the sweariest film characters. That’s a pretty major f’kn effort.

Jonah Hill takes out the number one spot on the actors list, delivering a total of 376 curse words in all his movies. Next come Leonardo DiCaprioSamuel L JacksonAdam Sandler and Al Pacino, who has racked up 255 profanities in his five-decade career.

It should be no surprise at all that the most profane movie of all time is Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, where the coked-out characters drop 715 curses in 180 minutes. Jordan Belfort, played by Leo, is the sweariest character in all of film.

The movie with the densest amount of swearing turns out to be Gary Oldman‘s 1997 directorial debut Nil By Mouth, which packed in 41.3 curses per 1000 words. Last year’s Uncut Gems was next, with an average of 35.1 per 1000 words.

Jonah Hill also set a number of other milestones – his Wolf Of Wall Street character Donnie drops the densest number of swear words of any character, with 74 of them per 1000 words of dialogue. His horny teen character Seth from Superbad is the ninth sweariest overall.

Interestingly, the only female character to crack the list was Adriana Cruz, the foul-mouthed news reporter from the 1999 David O. Russell film Three Kings. Cruz was portrayed by ex-Saturday Night Live cast member Nora Dunn.

There are plenty more interesting stats on the list, and you can check it out here.