Jon Snow Was Sporting An Extremely Floppy & Not Hard Sword Last Ep

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S6E9 only. This post *DOES NOT* go into the season finale.

Okay, have you caught your breathe from ‘The Battle of the Bastards‘ yet? Hopefully, because there’s now an epically-long finale to get through as well.

While most of us *physically couldn’t breathe* when Jon Snow ignored Sansa‘s advice and jumped on his horse to try and save Rickon, Reddit user voicesinmyhead noticed a very ridiculous detail: that Jon’s sword Longclaw was not hard and strong as it is described, but floppy and flacid.

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And again, later:

Is that Valyrian steel or what mate?

The internet was quick to jump on the controversial #flobbygate, but given that this episode cost (by estimates) upwards of $10 million, used a whopping 70 horses and 500 extras to bring it to life, and became the highest-rated episode on IMDb ever, we are extremely willing to let this one slide. 
S’all prep for the finale, no?

Source: Reddit.
Photo: HBO.