John Cho Is An Absolute Fkn Daddy In Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop And I Wanna Ride His Spaceship

john cho cowboy bebop netflix

Look, I’m just gonna get on with it and say it: John Cho is an absolute daddy in Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop live-action. There. I said it. Happy now, brain?

If you aren’t familiar with Cho’s new gig, the Harold & Kumar star plays Spike Spiegel, the lead of Netflix’s new TV series that’s a delicious hybrid of space opera sci-fi, the cowboy western, and film noir.

Spike’s a suave gun-slinging bounty hunter on a mission to make enough cash to eat for the night – honestly, aren’t we all? Aboard a spaceship called the Bebop, he’s joined by his bounty partner of three years Jett Black (Mustafa Shakir), an amnesia-struck femme fatale that goes by Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda), and a Welsh Corgi they pick up on their travels named Ein (played by Hollywood’s elite canine, Charlie and Harry, ofc).

Aand, in the show, Cho’s hotter than the engine room of the Bebop meets the sun.

Now look, I know what you’re thinking. Like most Western live-action adaptations of Japanese animation, Netflix’s new series doesn’t fully capture what made the original anime from the 1990s such a cult classic. Yes, it doesn’t follow the original beat-by-beat. Sure, we don’t get a snippet of Ed until the end of the first season’s ten episodes. And yes, the way they’ve written Faye’s character so far kinda suggests the writers have missed what makes her nuanced personality so special (she’s not just a sassy femme fatale calling out Spike for being a cocky idiot, after all).

But who cares??? Just shut up and look at this man’s abs.

john cho cowboy bebop netflix spike spiegel

This intergalactic cowboy hottie is 49 years old. That’s right, he’s nearly 50!!! And he looks like this!!!

Excuse me while I grab the bull by its horns (or spaceship wheel) and ride. Yee-fkn-haw and haw-fkn-yeh, baby.

It isn’t hard to say that Spike Spiegel is John Cho’s best role. From his swagger; the tone of his voice as he plays an intellectual game of quips and verbal jabs with his friends; his bounties and arch-nemesis and incel-looking grumpy troll Vicious (Alex Hassell); the way his fkn puppy eyes masterfully eye-fuck the camera as he points a gun to vibrant spy soundtracks and old western flare. If this man had a bounty for charm it’d be in the millions, let me tell you.

I mean, watching Cho’s banter with Shakir and Pineda makes me wish he and I were having a witty sparring match after we awkwardly bumped into each other and my drink spilled onto his jacket at a pub in space.

No? Just me? Fine then. Fortunately, I’m not the only one Choo-Choo-ing the John Train. Here are just a handful of horny tweets agreeing with me. Yes, one of them is by Netflix itself.

If you want to see more of John Cho in his suave suit stylishly beating up thugs and clapping back at them with verbal poise, you can catch him and the rest of the gang in Cowboy Bebop on Netflix.