Try & Fail To Unsee John Cena As A Teenage Girl

Sometimes scrolling through Youtube can lead you to strange places, this is one of those moments. So WWE star John Cena was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and being the good sport he is, he agreed to take part in Jimmy’s Ew! comedy sketch.

What’s an Ew! comedy sketch you may ask? It’s Jimmy dressed up as teenage girl complaining about literally everything with other celebrities, as teenage girls do. It’ also an actual song by Jimmy and rapper complete with a legitimate music video. It’s just…it’s something else and if you want to watch the music video, do so below.

Lyrics include “she’s so basically basic” and the word “seriously” about three million times. Who would watch such a thing? Nearly 43 million people.

I’m getting Rebecca Black vibes.

The song actually ranked at number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2014 so Jimmy has since continued its legacy in the form of a comedy sketch. Celebrities that have taken part in the sketch include Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Ariana Grande and Channing Tatum. The latter will give you nightmares.

Now, it appeared to be John Cena’s turn and honestly nobody expected the dude to actually say yes so the crowd was hyped AF. Jimmy plays Sara and John plays Addison and they text, talk about boys, flip their hair, and pout a lot at the camera. It’s just wild but the only thing you can focus on the entire time is John’s arms because they take up about 99 per cent of the screen. They’re just bloody MASSIVE.

You can watch the cringe-y yet strangely enjoyable video below.

Also, at 2:30 they start horribly dancing to Bruno Mars’ Finesse and it’s outrageously uncomfortable to watch.

So I guess this is what Jimmy does when he’s not fake-laughing at all his guests.

American late night TV is a strange, strange thing.