Taylor Swift’s BF Joe Makes Insta Public & May God Have Mercy On His Mentions

Longtime Swifties were used to being completely in the know about Taylor Swift‘s dating life via her music as well as through social media.

But T-Swizzle changed her tune with current BF Joe Alwyn as both stars have remained somewhat out of the spotlight and unlike her previous suitors (Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston etc), the British star doesn’t have a public profile. I mean that both in the celebrity sense and in the literal sense as his Instagram profile has been set to private until now.

The 27-year-old actor has just altered the settings of his Insta account to allow fans to suss out his 11 posts dating from February 17 2015 to just 1 Day ago.

We know it’s defo him ‘coz it’s been stamped with the IG tick of verification and it’s followed by Tay’s famous pals including Gigi Hadid, Lena Dunham, Troye Sivan and Lily Aldridge.

While, regrettably, there are no photos of Tay on his Insta at the time of reporting, we can tell ya that the boy loves a scenic shot and he’s posted a bunch of pics from various locations that may very well have been captured by Swift as he has reportedly been accompanying her on her Reputation World Tour.

Does that last pic look familiar, Tay Tay fans? It should ‘coz your girl posted a v. similar one to her page 3 months ago at the same time as Joe, thus proving my theory.

Check it:

Alwyn’s latest pic is from the set of his new flick The Favourites alongside Emma Stone and Nicholas Hoult.

Welcome to the land of public Instagram, dude.

May God have mercy on your mentions…