Harry Potter star Jessie Cave has lost her brother in tragic circumstances, after he and a friend were both killed after hitting high voltage wires while train surfing in East London.

Per reports in The Sun, Ben Haddon-Cave (27) and his friend Paddy Bolster (26) were killed in the early hours of March 21 this year, with their bodies being found a mile apart.

The pair had reportedly travelled to London to attend a comedy show together.

Witnesses told the inquest that they saw a “bright red and orange flash” on top of the train and heard the sound of an “electrical crack” in the early hours of the morning.

It is understood that the pair hit wires carrying 25,000 volts before falling separately from the train, near Hackney Wick and Stratford railway stations.

A pathologist said Haddon-Cave’s body showed signs of “severe intoxication or extreme drunkenness”, while Bolster’s also showed signs of “extreme intoxication”.

Coroner Mary Hassell said that Haddon-Cave’s upper body showed burns consistent with “high-voltage electrical trauma, saying:

“Death will have occurred immediately because of high voltage electrocution and from there Ben’s body and clothing will have caught fire.”

She said that while Bolster was also electrocuted, trauma he suffered when falling from the train was his likely cause of death.

Ben Haddon-Cave was an actor and music producer whose family remembered him as “a profoundly talented and creative mind” in a statement.

Jessie Cave played the role of Lavender Brown in three of the Harry Potter films, and has since worked extensively in TV, including in the series Trollied.