Back in March, Melbourne art director Jeff van de Zandt went viral on TikTok by lip syncing to a remix of a Scott Morrison coronavirus press conference. Now he’s back again, but this time, it’s a remix of Michaelia Cash‘s deranged “have a curry for the country” interview.

In case you missed it, last weekend, Senator Cash experienced some sort of mini meltdown when an SBS journalist asked her if Aussies should support struggling businesses by having a “curry for the country”. Her reaction was deranged comedy gold, and the original video went viral.

According to Jeff van de Zant, he had received a number of requests to do a lip sync version of the interview. Melbourne muso Minorfauna graciously provided him with a remix, and now here we are. You can see the results below:

Pedestrian spoke with the TikTok star back in March, and he told us how he’s been surviving the COVID-19 downturn, saying:

“Work completely dried up and I was like, I have nothing to do and I’m stuck at home. So I just decided to start doing one TikTok a day and then people started sharing that particular dance and now it’s gone mental.”