Bill Murray Returns To The ‘Groundhog Day’ Time Loop In A Cursed New Jeep Ad

It’s too early on a Monday morning for me to outline exactly how my life parallels Groundhog Day, so I’m just going to say that Jeep’s new Super Bowl ad, featuring Bill Murray as cursed reporter Phil Connors, is funny and good.

The minute-long clip sees Murray in the town of Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania, stuck in the same time-loop as the 1993 film. While his character escaped that ontological nightmare through good deeds and love, the new ad shows Connors finding salvation in a new Jeep Rubicon. Eat shit forever, Ned Ryerson.

Do my days tumble into each other as one long blur? Do I empathise with a jaded media professional joking about freezing to death? Would I steal a new 4×4 if I knew my only punishment would be waking up the next morning, damned to do it all again? Irrelevant! Watch the ad, buy the car, nothing matters: