Japan Competition Winner!

For the past few months Pedestrian has been hosting “THE GREATEST COMPETITION OF ALL TIME” (emphasis ours) – a once in a lifetime chance for you and three friends to explore the land of the Rising Sun on our dime. Over those few months we received an overwhelming number of entries but there can only be one winner and the name of that winner is (drum roll please)…………………………………..Mr. James Dagger.

Yay! Confetti Canons! Big Band soundtrack! Lasers! Balloons! Competitors feigning dignity! Congratulations are in order for the scary-sounding Mr. Dagger as well as everyone who entered. 50 runners ups will receive a Speak N Spell prize pack crammed with CD’s and merch goodness which obviously isn’t better than a free trip to Japan but obviously better than nothing. Til next time, “you have to be in it to win it” or some equally as vom-tastic platitude spouted by your high school physical education teacher.