James Franco, Seth Rogen Crack Underage Instagram Jokes In SNL Monologue; Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Swift Also There For Reasons

Seth Rogen got by with a little help from his friends Zooey Deschanel, Weed Jokes, Taylor Swift and James Franco during the opening monologue for his third SNL appearance, which is airing now in the States and included repeated digs at the faux controversy that erupted last week when James Franco was allegedly found to have been propositioning a teen for a hotel rendezvous on Instagram.
In a bit that involved Rogen recounting journal entries written in the week leading up to his hosting gig, he read:
I decided to prank James Franco. I posed as a girl on Instagram. Told him I was way young. He seemed unfazed. I have a date to meet him at the Ace Hotel.” Which, of course, lead to James Franco making a squinty-eyed appearance moments later, emerging on stage to say, “How do I look? [Audience erupts in cheers] I just wanted to say great prank buddy. I’ve been waiting at the Ace Hotel for three days.”
Watch now, before it gets taken down like a series of messages from James Franco to a seventeen year old.