The Waiter Behind The James Charles Scandal Admits It Was All A Stitch-Up

Just when you thought you’d never again read the words ‘James Charles‘ and ‘drama’ in the same sentence, a spicy and unexpected turn of events unfolds. Settle in, mates, this is a juicy one.

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So every man, woman and dawg knows the tale by now: Tati Westbrook posted a big fuck off tell-all, explaining why she’s ditching ex-bestie and mentee James Charles, one of the many reasons being because of his alleged predatory behaviour.

In her 40-minute take-down vid, she recounts a yarn from her recent birthday party where Charles flirted with a straight waiter and manipulated his sexuality to make him believe that he was into dudes.

Now, said waiter has spoken out via a now-deleted YouTube video where he admits that THE WHOLE THING IS MADE UP.

In a short video titled ‘I’m Sorry James’, Sam Cooke recounts his version of events.

‘Watch the full video before making any judgement,’ he wrote in the description. ‘This video was filmed a day after dropping my first James video, but I held back uploading as I wasn’t sure what to do. Therefore I look nervous, since it happened a day after.’

‘I know everyone is past this,’ he adds. ‘But I felt it was right to get this out there and make things clear. I want to apologise to James, and I’m glad you were able to move forward from this.’

Credit: Twitter / YouTube

Now, you’ll notice that we’ve included a screenshot from the video and not the video itself. The reason for this is because Cooke has mysteriously deleted the video, but not before several media outlets and eagle-eyed fans were able to report on the tea spilled in the video.

According to Sam, he met James Charles at the restaurant where he works back in February while the beauty YouTuber was attending a bday bash for his fellow YouTuber, Westbrook.

Following the meeting, Sam says he reached out to James and the pair arranged for him to go to the star’s hotel room to watch a movie. Cooke says he was “bi-curious” at the time and not straight, as previously alleged by Tati.

Sam says that after minutes of kissing James, he knew that he was not attracted to him or other boys, for that matter, but they continued to make out for over half an hour, adding that he never told Charles he wasn’t interested in him.

After the date ended, Sam says he continued to lead James on in an attempt to boost his career.

The pair would continue to talk for months, during which time Charles allegedly grew irritated over Cooke’s flaky attitude towards him and ultimately wanted to move on and they spoke on the phone to clarify the future of their relationship.

After seeing Westbrook’s viral ‘Bye Sister’ video, he and his mates hatched a plan to jump on the bandwagon and gain fame from the scandal.

He says his friends talked him into filming his own tell-all vid as the incident became global news, a video titled, ‘The Kid From Seattle, James Charles’.

He says the goal of the video was to damage James’ character and add fuel to the fire that Tati had started in order to gain “clout”. He admits to lying in the video, revealing that James never manipulated him into a relationship and that he never should have made the above video.

Cooke ends the video by apologising to James Charles for contributing to the take-down and basically admits that what he did was fucked.

After the shocking vid did the ’rounds online, Cooke deleted the video from his YouTube channel which boasts 5.6K subscribers.

Only two videos remain on his channel including a full body workout video as well as the aforementioned video from last month.

Twitter is blowing up with reactions to the shocking video which has been wiped from the internet, bar a bunch of screenshots shared by fans.