This Girl Doing Interpretive Dance To James Charles’ Apology Video Is My Religion

The James Charles / Tati Westbrook YouTube drama is the biggest tea going around on the internet now. And honestly, it’s actually pretty damning at it’s core – Charles, ICYMI, has been accused of some bad shit including predatory behaviour. But it’s also YouTuber drama and that means memes. So many memes. No matter whose side you’re on or what you think about the whole business, one thing is for sure – the memes, they are very good.

[jwplayer 9XIhCin2]

But there is one meme – well, reaction to be correct – that rules them all. And it is this woman doing, I shit you not, interpretive dance to James Charles’ apology video.

I… cannot with this. It is too good. It is just too damn good. It is something you come up with at 3am after studying for too long right before a test, and at the time you think it’s a good idea but then the next day you realise your brain may have crossed over into unhinged territory.

My Editor said to me “I watched this 18 times last night” and this is the kind of commitment to this video that we all need to show. It deserves to be put in some sort of meme hall of fame, if that exists. Give this woman an Academy Award, whatever needs to be done to preserve it’s amazingness.

One thing is absolutely for sure – in a dark world filled with bad episodes of Game Of Thrones, Belle Gibson legal drama and YouTubers being assholes, this is the kind of joy and inspired beauty that what we all deserve, to be honest.