James Cameron Is Returning To Save The Future Of ‘The Terminator’ Series

The timeline is broken. 

Machines are on the rise, while bureaucrats have reduced humanity to a decrepit, confused mess. No one knows how to move forward.
Suddenly, a hero emerges.
Yep, ‘Terminator‘ mastermind James Cameron is set to return for the sixth and “final” film in the franchise, working as a guiding figure to director ‘Tim Millerof ‘Deadpool‘ fame. 
This’ll be the first time Cameron’s worked on the franchise since ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day,‘ AKA the gold standard for action films, and his return is reportedly down to the fact he’ll regain certain rights to the series in 2019. 
While it would be nice to have Cameron in the director’s chair, Miller showed he can balance action, humour and dialogue in Deadpool, so should hopefully be a worthy replacement.
And although Arnie’s return is yet to be confirmed, he’s appeared in every other one of these things. Plus c’mon, it’s the guy’s catchphrase.
Anyone who’s seen the sequels or can understand the Tomatometer knows that, since Cameron left, things have only gotten worse for the once mighty franchise; “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” was actually great, ‘Salvation’ was a weirdly okay, ‘Transformers’-esque mess, and the less said about “Genysis” the better. There was also a TV series, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” that’s been ignored by the films but was apparently pretty good.
Whether it really will be the final ever Terminator film (note: it won’t be), ‘T6‘ will at least act as some kind of conclusion to Cameron’s story, even if they have to reboot/reimagine/ignore all the stuff in-between. Anyone who grew up with his first two films should, by all rights, be pissing themselves with excitement.
So all together now folks, sing it with me:
Source: Deadline.
Photo: Universal.