Jake Gyllenhaal Posted Himself Doing A Shirtless Handstand, That’s It, That’s The Headline

Happy Friday, friends. I think it’s Friday at least. Anyway just for your enjoyment on this god-knows-what-day we’re at in isolation, Jake Gyllenhaal has done a shirtless handstand on his Instagram. Not much more to it, really. But do we need any more information beyond Jake Gyllenhaal Doing Half-Nude Handstands? Absolutely not.

Actually, no there is a little more information – he was challenged to do it by Tom Holland, who has also done a shirtless handstand. The challenge itself actually has them doing a handstand against a wall and then putting a shirt on while in the handstand. It’s pretty impressive, I guess. Not that I’m really paying attention to the shirt at all, really.

Look, I’m SORRY but it’s been a really long couple of weeks, ok?

I’m sure you’re hanging out to see how this works, so here’s…this.

Oh boy

Excuse me Jake but do you have a license to be armed? Because… hoo boy me those shoulders.

So from here, Jake went and shimmied a t-shirt upside down and only his body, before frog-leaping back down to show off his party trick.

Ta da!

Once again, I must stress, those shoulders. Jesus WEPT.

And here’s the whole thing in video form, for your viewing. For…research.

Jake wasn’t the only person that Tom Holland challenged to try and do this frankly ridiculous thing, he also shouted out Ryan Reynolds who gave his own response.

Jake went on to nominate Hugh Jackman50 Cent and sister Maggie Gyllenhaal to attempt the same thing, which I am extremely here to see because I’ll be fucked if I can even do a handstand, let alone put a shirt on while holding one.

Anyway, does what it says on the lid, really. Enjoy. Happy Friday. You (read: I) need and deserve this unapologetic perve.