‘Ivanka Trump The Musical’ Is Happening, And Yes It’s As Fucked As It Sounds

A one-man show inspired by the truly unique life of first daughter Ivanka Trump is set for its theatre debut in February next year. Yes. A musical about Ivanka Trump is happening.

The show is written, produced and performed by Ryan Raftery, who is no stranger to a bio-musical. Raftery has previously developed musicals about everyone from Martha Stewart to Andy Cohen, so although it’s a strange concept, it’s not exactly a new one.

Here’s a clip of him being an absolute goddess as Anna Wintour.

“It’s a Manchurian Candidate story where her father is doing business in the ’80s with the Russians and something goes wrong, and they basically kidnap Ivanka and turn her into a sleeper agent,” Raftery says of the plot. “She doesn’t realize this her entire life. Kind of like in Jordan Peele’s Us, there’s a moment in the show where Ivanka’s other personality, which has been dormant as far as she knows, finally reveals itself to her. This is after her father’s been elected and the personality basically says to her, ‘I’m revealing myself right now because I’m letting you know I have one goal and one goal only and that’s to get our father reelected.’”

The musical is a comedy, with Raftery claiming that his “number one goal is to make the audience laugh.” He shares an interesting perspective on the current American political climate, and aims to shed light on it in a humorous way.

“The thing that’s fascinating now is that politics has always been a form of entertainment, but now it is entertainment, not just a subset of it, because of what we have going on in the White House right now and the way that [Donald Trump] acts like a petulant child, the way that he uses social media. It’s literally show business, and it’s really scary.”

The unnamed Ivanka Trump musical is set to debut on February 23 next year in New York after Raftery wraps up his current Martha Stewart work. Is this the most cooked musical concept of all time? Yeah, maybe. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be entertaining. I sure as hell would pay to see that.