‘It’ Has Been Leaving Red Balloons All ‘Round Sydney Just To Fuck With You

At this point, you’re either going to see the It movie or not when it drops on September 7th. You’re either someone who extracts some joy from a film about an ancient evil masquerading as a clown, or you are not.

But if you’re still not convinced, the marketing team have been doing some reasonably cool activations around Sydney to get people into it. Basically, punters have been spotting red balloons floating around the city. I don’t need to tell you that the red balloons signify that Pennywise is nearby and that he is going to cut off your face and eat it.

A few pics from some sharp-eyed posters on social media. Of course, appropriately the balloons are mostly attached to storm drains and sewer grates.


If you see any around, send ’em in.