An woman is still recovering in hospital after suffering a life-threatening allergic reaction to the balloons dropped at Adele’s Adelaide concert on Monday.

From her bed at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Pooja Newman said she went into anaphylactic shock from coming into contact with latex powder on the surface of the oversized balloons. 

What’s a concert without massive balloons right !!!! #adele #adelaide #yesmumma

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She told 7 News that she “felt her lips swelling and I couldn’t breathe” and “I knew I was in trouble” shortly after the balloons were let loose.

Newman injected herself with three Epipens to mitigate her reaction, but after they didn’t work, family members called for an ambulance.

A statement from Adelaide Oval obtained by 7 News maintains that staff on-site handled the ordeal in “exemplary fashion,” but Newman’s sister says the ambulance’s delayed arrival meant “we could’ve lost her.” 

Relatives of Newman, who also serves as president of Anaphylaxis Australia, have asked organisers to consider the usage of latex-containing materials in future events. 

This is the second significant fan illness sustained during Adele’s massive Australian tour, after a woman suffered a cardiac arrest during a Sydney performance. 

Source: 7 News.
Photo: @olivia.cui / Instagram.