The Internet Is Speculating Something Fierce On Who To Cast In ‘It 2’

Fire all the casting agents in Hollywood, cause we reckon the humble battlers of the internet are getting good enough at choosing actors for upcoming flicks, and exhibit A is the current discussion on who should play who in the just announced It: Chapter 2.

This morning news came through that the sequel to your favourite child-eating-clown reboot It has the official release date of September 6th 2019, with the new flick set to explore the unseen portion of Stephen King’s OG novel, in which the kids getting chomped on by Pennywise return to the town of Derry as adults.

Bill Skarsgård is almost assured to be back as said malevolent evil spirit, but no other casting announcements have been made regarding the adult incarnations of the mentally scarred teens. Enter Twitter, to sort this shit out for you all.

Whilst there isn’t exactly anything close to an agreed consensus, there are some pearler ideas in the mix with names such as Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Bill Hader and Donald Glover being thrown around.

Interestingly the biggest debate between Tweeters is over who should play the only female in the Losers Club, Bev but personally, I can’t go past Emma Stone. Sure she’d cost the production a butt load cause she’s super famous, but just look! LOOK!

When there’s any legit announcements for the cast of It: Chapter 2 we’ll be sure to bring ’em to ya.