Aussie Influencer Clarifies WTF Is Going On In That Viral Vid Of Her Husband In The Dog House

Indy Clinton

Sydney Influencer Indy Clinton has clapped back at the media for reporting that she got the “ultimate revenge” on her husband after he supposedly snuck out to a strip club during a work trip.

On Monday, the Daily Mail reported that Indi went nutso after finding photographic evidence on her husband Ben Azar‘s phone showing that he ventured into what some would call ‘the devil’s playpen’. The site got wind of the goss after one of her pals snitched to Influencer sleuthing IG account Dutch Minty.

“He was away for work and lied about it. So, she took the kids and went to max out his credit card as payback,” the anonymous friend told the page.

The story was picked up by a bunch of other news sites including and even The New York Post but now both of their articles have been taken down.

Some of the articles about Indy Clinton’s supposed revenge.

The influencer added fuel to the fire by posting a TikTok of Ben bringing her flowers with the caption: “When he’s been in the dog house for a week, I finally let him out”.

Have a geez at the TikTok below.

Naturally, people in the comments suspected it was about Ben’s cheeky night with the ‘rippers. But Indy was quick to clap back in the comments.

“It had nothing to do with the work trip,” she wrote.

In response to a comment connecting the articles with her TikTok, Indy replied: “That’s not facts at all.”

“Sadly the internet will believe anything. That man would be made into a stew if he went to a club like that lmao.”

Look, we’ve all found ourselves at a strip club questioning our sexuality after spending $100 more than you thought you would. No harm, no foul as long it’s cool with your partner, I reckon.

But now that we know for sure that the flowers and Ben’s remorseful face have nothing to do with strippers, I’m desperate to know what he actually did.

I’m more invested now than I was about the exotic dancer situation in the first place.

Drop the TikTok tea, sis. I’ll be waiting.