Hunted Australia Is In Hot Water After Melb Metro Claims It Didn’t Get The OK To Film On Trains

hunted australia filming permits melbourne metro trains

Urban survival reality show Hunted Australia found itself in the hot seat this week after it was found the show didn’t get the right permits to film in Melbourne’s train system.

Per the Herald Sun, the show’s “covert camera operators” followed a couple of contestants as they headed into Flinders St Station and bought Myki passes in the first 15 minutes of the premiere episode. The hidden cameras also followed other groups on station platforms and inside trains throughout the series.

The Metro Trains website states permission must be obtained before filming or taking photos on trains or Metro premises. These rules are in place to make sure drivers, passengers and staff remain safe and to stop anything that might delay trains in the system.

A spokesperson for Metro Trains told the Herald Sun it is reviewing its permit process and said that no CCTV from the network was released to the production company behind Hunted.

“The Hunted production company did not apply for a permit prior to filming on Metro’s network,” the spokesperson said.

“This is not acceptable as Metro has strict protocols in place for filming which should have been followed to ensure the safety of staff and passengers.”

Victorian Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll told the Herald Sun the Victorian Government was taking “appropriate action” to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

The second season of Hunted is slated to film in Melbourne again at the start of next year so let’s hope they get all their ducks in a line before they go gallivanting around the city.