Huell’s Rules Is The Worst Breaking Bad Spinoff Idea Ever

Poor Huell’s been waiting for Hank’s return in that hotel room for a while now. But what ungodly hell would transpire if the sticky-fingered mouth-breather arranged for his family to move in with him and rededicated his life to pretending to wield some kind of patriarchal control over them (even though they hate him) in the domestic equivalent of the seventh circle of Belize?

Walt’s like: welcome to my life, buddy.

Funny Or Die brings to life the worst Breaking Bad spinoff idea ever with Huell’s Rules, a horrific by-the-numbers family sitcom appealing to any Dad who’s ever made a diarrhea joke, had the urge to choke their son or wanted to kill themselves because their in-laws came over (all of the Dads).