This TikTok #HorseChallenge Is, Hands Down, The Greatest Thing To Come From Self-Isolation

Now that everyone’s cooped up indoors, and cabin fever is at an all-time high, everyone’s getting pretty damn inventive with their respective content creations. Of all the content to arise from self-isolation, however, this #HorseChallenge is the crème de la crème. *Chef’s kiss*

Let me just say, despite typing phrases such as “deceased”, “skskskks” and “I’m actually yelling” on an hourly basis, I rarely laugh out loud and, if anything, am stone-faced whenever I stare at a screen.

Upon discovering this couple’s #HorseChallenge, however, I genuinely grunted, ever so slightly. This, in itself, was a major upgrade from my usual stone-face, and hopefully a huge indicator as to how fucking hilarious this video is… and how fucking hilarious you will find it.

Behold, a masterpiece:

There are various iterations of the challenge that are doing the rounds on TikTok , and all of them continue to fill me with such joy that, for a brief moment, I forget that we’re facing the greatest pandemic of our time and subsequently refrain from having an existential crisis. Just for a brief moment, tough. Then the existential crisis resumes.

The below snippet accurately reflects how I feel about the minds of those who invented such a powerful piece of content. Brava. I bow to thee.