Hodor & Bran Actors Share Emotionally Hazardous ‘Hold The Door’ Cake

~ Spoiler warning for Game of Thrones S6E5 ~ 

Ever since Game of Thrones ripped our fucking hearts out and ate them for supper, fans everywhere have been getting awkwardly blubby anytime anyone mentions “hold the door”, much to the disconcertion of our less Westeros-enthusiastic brethren.


Already, brands have jumped on this trend – IKEA is trying to flog door stoppers – but the actors who play Hodor and Bran, Kristian Nairn and Isaac Wright respectively, have been all about the out-pouring of grief from the fans (just watch this real cute interview they did after the episode aired).

And last night, Nairn returned to his hotel room to find a ‘Hold The Door‘ cake waiting for him, which is nothing if not a particularly emotionally hazardous work of art.

Returned to my room to find this !!! Amazing , thank you so much Rachel and @whotels <33

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And then he and Wright shared the cake together, AS IF THEY DIDN’T JUST FUCK THE GOT-FANBASE RIGHT UP.

BRB sobbing.

Photo: Instagram / Kristian Nairn.