Henry From ‘Survivor’ Was Allegedly Nearly Booted For Spanking Other Player

It must be pretty bloody tough keeping your lips shut tight after being punted from a show like Survivor, with anything from two to five months or so before the finale airs and you can finally publicly discuss everything that went down on the island setting.

Such is the nature of the production timeline. Eliminated contestants obvs can’t spoil anything that hasn’t aired on TV meaning if you wanted to discuss the actions of a fellow castaway, you’d have to wait until the episode where they depart is aired.

Well, this looks exactly like what 13th Australian Survivor evictee and photographer Jarrad Seng seems to have done, chucking a lil’ barb the way of recently snuffed cast-mate Henry Nicholson via a comment on a Facebook Live Q&A Henry was hosting.

(Jarrad [left] and Henry [centre] at the post-elimination Jury villa.)

As seen in this screenshot making its way around socials, Jarrad claims that Henry’s cheekiness on the island almost got him in some serious strife, seemingly stating that he was once given a final warning from producers to stop harassing fellow tribes-mate Ben Morgan.

And by harassing, we mean repeatedly slapping him on the ass and yelling “come to Daddy!“:

Whilst definitely said in a light-hearted manner (Jarrad and Henry came across as solid friends on the show) Pedestrian.TV has been sent screenshots from a private Facebook group showing further comments from ex-castaways from this season that appear to confirm the validity of the story.

We’ve absolutely no idea how seriously this was all taken by the castaways and Ben could very well be in on the “joke” itself, but if it did go down and he approached producers off-screen to complain, then Henry must have come very close to crossing the line into harassment and being removed from the show.

P.TV has approached Channel Ten for comment.

UPDATE: A Channel Ten representative has told P.TV that Jarrad was simply having a joke with Henry on the Facebook Live and the story is “not true”.