Helena Spills On All The Other Shit Matt Did That Made Her Quit ‘Bachie’ Twice

Helena Sauzier

Helena Sauzier is outta the mansion after one hell of a turbulent hometown date. The gal had a massive freak out when Matt Agnew forgot about their first meeting on the red carpet, then she dumped the bloke twice in the same episode which has to be some sort of achievement on The Bachelor, and then she pulled him aside right before that saucy rose ceremony.

Helena spoke to PEDESTRIAN.TV about her ~ journey ~ on the show and turns out Matt has the worst memory when he’s just not that into you.

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PTV: Why did you apply for The Bachelor?

H: I was genuinely ready – and am still ready – to meet someone and I thought even if I don’t, like it could be a cool opportunity to open up more doors to meet someone else as well. But the main thing is I hoped I could meet someone I could fall in love with.

PTV: What was your first impression of Matt? 

H: Really good. Like really, really good. I didn’t know what to expect but the minute he – well I saw him and thought wow, he’s gorgeous – and he wasn’t gorgeous and dumb you know, or arrogant. He was humble and just really dynamic.

PTV: And when would you say you started to really develop feelings for him? 

H: I’d say after my first single date with him is when I really started to develop feelings and they only really intensified from there.

PTV: Okay so can you take me through your hometown date? Was there anything we missed that you want to chat about? 

H: Yeah so, basically he got there and it was really nice but then there were some bits – obviously there are times that the cameras aren’t on – and when the cameras went off, he would walk straight to his producer instead of being with me for a little while and having a little chat with me, so that made me a little bit sad.

H: But anyway, we got to the dinner and he forgot our meeting on the red carpet and then he forgot what I did for work and he forgot where I was from. So there were so many things in a row and I was just like, “Ohhhh no” and I just had this gut feeling that I’m just definitely not the one here.

PTV: So would you say that was a huge trigger for you?

H: It was a massive trigger, it wasn’t like it was just one thing. I’m not just going to walk away from a relationship because of one thing otherwise I’d be alone forever, do you know what I mean? There were a couple of things and I just thought, “Yeah okay, his feelings for me are not as deep as my feelings for him. I definitely don’t think I’m the one.”

PTV: Was that the first time you felt that way during filming? 

H: Yeah, it kind of was. Back to my second date with him, I felt like we had a really good connection and I felt like he was really into me. But then when it came to hometowns, I was like “Oh dear.”

PTV: And Matt had to convince you to stay twice, like what did he say that made you stay?

H: He just kind of looked at me and said, “I really want you here.” And essentially “Come back to Sydney” [for the rose ceremony]. So I just thought maybe I need to get over everything that just happened – it still wasn’t ideal – and just kind of see – obviously there has to be something there from his side – so I guess I just followed my heart.

PTV: And having some time to think about it now, do you regret staying? 

H: Look, I don’t regret staying because obviously I got to spend more time with him. You just have to see the fun in it I guess. But I just don’t understand why he did bring me back to Sydney.


PTV: Do you think it was fair of you to pull Matt aside before your second last rose ceremony?

H: Well, no. I was really highly encouraged to do it. I hadn’t had an opportunity to speak to him. Like at the end of hometowns, it literally ends there that way with him walking off and me walking off. We didn’t get to speak again. And then so it was kind of one of those things of like – are you really going to go home without ever having a conversation with him after that and I don’t think it just magically turned his mind around. I think he had already made his mind up. And if he had already made his mind up [to choose Emma] and then changed it, that scares me because obviously his feelings are so malleable.

PTV: So when you say you were “encouraged”, was that by producers or by family?

H: Um, I can’t comment on that. Sorry!


PTV: All good! So to your last date with Matt when you said you were testing him. Was that really a test or did that come out wrong? 

H: No, it really wasn’t a test. I’m not one to test someone. It’s not a mature thing to do. It wasn’t a test. It was literally just, “You’ve gotten all these things wrong about me” I don’t feel like you’re interested in me so please… just I really can’t emotionally keep going through this when maybe, it’s not being reciprocated.

H: I think I was justified in my reason. I think if someone got that many things wrong, especially when you’re a scientist and you have to remember every little thing, it was a couple of red flags for me.

PTV: So did you watch last night’s episode?

H: I did! On and off, I was kind of unpacking and watching through my fingers.

PTV: And comparing Chelsie’s date with yours, and Matt giving Chelsie that necklace with the chemical equation on it from their first date, were you at all salty? 

H: Oh, I love Chelsie. Like even during the show, like we were so close and we were both like – if either of us win, we’d just be so happy for the other. I really adore Chelsie so for some weird reason I could watch her dates. And I literally had goosebumps during her date last night.

PTV: Could you say the same thing about Abbie’s date? I know it was a bit full on. 

H: Ohhhh [laughs] it’s a bit of a different dynamic, isn’t it? It’s full on, I feel like even if I didn’t know Abbie and even if I wasn’t on the show I’d still cringe watching that because it was so full on. And I just couldn’t, it was like the last thing I could ever do on TV with six cameras around me – saying, “I’m so horny.” Like noOoOOo [laughs].

PTV: But that’s just Abbie. 

H: Oh totally. Abbie is just the most sexual person in the world. Like she could be talking to me and I’ll be like – sometimes she’ll look at you and sometimes it’s like she wants to have sex with you [laughs]. She is the most sexual human being I’ve ever met which is a wonderful thing and I applaud her for that but I don’t think I could do it [laughs].

H: And as for the drama, I think people dragged it on for too long. Even like with Sogand and even when Elly jumped into it, it almost came to a point of obsession. I think it was a constant reminder for the girls to just focus on someone they’re there for and that’s Matt and they were just getting caught up in the whole Abbie thing. Obviously she frustrated us at times but you just need to get on with it.

PTV: So who do you think Matt’s going to choose? 

H: Honestly, I’m so torn. It’s 50/50. As I said I’m very close to Chelsie and I do think from a longevity point of view, they’d be a really, really good match so I am kind of hoping it is her. But I just want Matt to make a decision that he’s going to stick by and whoever he feels more into. You can’t pick who you fall in love with really.

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