In Some Good News, Your ‘Blue Water High’ Boyfriend Heath Is Still A Massive Babe In 2020

Cast your minds back to the mid-2000s, a time when Dolly Magazine reigned supreme with its sealed sections and Hot Guys To Watch columns. When the school quad smelt of a weird mix of Joop and Davidoff Cool Water. When owning a Roxy or Rusty pencil case was elite, and surfing was the one thing we all wanted to do for school sport. And with that, Blue Water High was obviously essential viewing, and we all had a crush on Heath Carroll, played by Adam Saunders. Well, I’m very happy to report that in 2020, Heath Carroll is still a huge babe.

To jog your memory, here’s what Adam looked like as “Bad Boy Heath” back in his ‘Blue Water High’ days.

heath blue water high adam saunders 2020
Hello to my summer teen crush. (Image: IMDb)

After skipping down from Summer Bay to do two years at Blue Water High as the “relaxed joker who struggles with school”, Adam Saunders went on to do a short stint as a famous singer/Kat Karamakov’s short-lived boyfriend in ‘Dance Academy‘, before lending a few lead roles in smaller, independent films and shorts.

And now, some 15 years later, Adam looks like this.

PHWOAR yeah alright mate, obviously all that time in the surf was good for you.

First of all, how dare you.

You know puberty was kind as hell when someone looks good even when they’re super out of focus on faded film. Christ.

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There’s a surfing gag here about waxing up your stick, I’m sure.

Nowadays, he’s working on his own creative business, shooting content for some pretty huge brands, as well as his own personal photography, doing portraits and documenting his experiences on 35mm film.

Adam’s also clearly kept in touch with his Blue Water High fam as well, sharing this pic of him and Chris Foy back in ’05 on their last day of filming.

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Okay one more because I simply cannot leave this one unacknowledged.

Jesus H Christ on a bike.

It absolutely a blessed day when you find out one of your teenage TV crushes is absolutely now your adult insta crush. You’re very welcome.

Oh and if you want to take 20 minutes to really re-live your childhood TV crushes, here’s a whole episode of the iconic Aussie surf rats show. It’s so wonderfully 00s, I love it.