Anakin Skywalker’s Doing Rom-Coms Now If You Wanna Head Back To 2006

Little Italy is a real movie coming out in 2018 starring Hayden Christensen AKA Anakin Skywalker and Emma Roberts and just like that, the rom-com’s back.

Forget the Harry & Meghan: A Love Story flick, this is where it’s at.

Hayden plays Leo Campo, a man who falls in love with Nikki Angioli who’s played by Emma Roberts. Everything is rainbow and sunshine until their families find out. Now ready yourself for the big conflict – their families own competing pizza restaurants.

Seriously, this movie ticks all the (pizza) boxes.

But wait, there’s more. The film’s directed by Donald Petrie, the same dude who directed – wait for it – Mystic Pizza (1988) starring Julia Roberts. 30 years later, Donald’s now behind this new flick also including pizza and starring Julia’s niece. Coincidence? I think not.

And because there’s still not enough 00s in this film, it also stars Alyssa Milano from Charmed and Andrea Martin from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. What more do you need?

The official movie poster hit Reddit yesterday and I genuinely thought it was a joke or a movie brought back from the edgy 00s but NO, it’s brand new.

Mates, look at it:

“From the director of Miss Congeniality and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. OOOOOOFFT.

IMDb: Little Italy


Cast your minds back to Mystic Pizza and yes, Emma’s character is wearing the same t-shirt as the waitresses so yes, it’s the same damn store.

Careful though, stare at it too long and you’ll suffer mind-shattering headaches from memories of afternoons spent in Blockbuster. 

The director also has Just My Luck, My Life in Ruins, and Richie Rich under his belt so we’re dealing with a real 00s veteran here.

There’s even a vespa scene in the rain, far out:

IMDb: Little Italy.

Of course, twitter’s losing it because well, this is amazing:

Oh my God, it was:

It gets better:

Hoo boy, I can’t wait ’til this bad boy comes out.