Exes Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Went On A Movie Date Together In Cannes

A day after they were spotted kissing at a party in Cannes, exes Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were spied on a movie date together at the film festival, and we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and say it’s back on between them, but it’s definitely back on, right?

The pair were photographed together at a screening of the Chinese film Ash Is Purest White, looking fairly relaxed and giving off that distinctive ‘newly-reunited celebrity couple who are trying to keep it on the down-low but also really want to take in some quality world cinema’ vibe.


The Weeknd, otherwise known as Abel Tesfaye, posted a photo of himself with a pair of male friends, with his model ex-girlfriend nowhere in sight, and captioned it “honestly just tryna watch movies.”

A party guest who saw the former flames together at an Alexander Wang x Magnum party the night before told media that they “only had eyes for each-other”, while another said:

“They had some drinks and were dancing and talking. He had his arm around her waist and was pulling her in close. She was touching his face and stroking it. They kissed a few times passionately. They left Magnum Beach together at the end of the night. They didn’t care who was watching. There were cameras all over and they didn’t mind.”

Where is this going? Are these two crazy kids back on or what? We demand answers tbh.