Cop The First Pics Of The ‘Harry Potter & The Cursed Child’ Cast In Costume

Ahead of the first preview performance of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the exclusive Melbourne production has released the first shots of the cast in full costume, and seeing that is basically akin to dumbstruck Harry finding out from Hagrid that he’s a wizard/wizards are real.

[jwplayer LnCPEFXm]

The magical shots of the cast are a set of family portraits.

First, Gareth Reeves and Lucy Goleby as Harry and Ginny, with their son Albus (Sean Rees-Wemyss). The Potters remain incredibly dull, the least charismatic HP characters.

Image source: Damian Bennett. 

Then, Gyton Grantley and Paula Arundell as Ron and Hermione, and their daughter Rose, played by Manali Datar. Ron’s still wearing ugly Weasley sweaters.

Image source: Damian Bennett. 

Tom Wren stars as Draco, while William McKenna plays his son Scorpius. The real white-blonde hair is still sinister even now – do you reckon Draco dyes it that way?

Image source: Damian Bennett. 

Here’s the three best mates, Ron still looking like he’s living in The Burrow, while the other two are polished up, probably for some hotshot meeting at the Ministry of Magic.

Image source: Damian Bennett. 

The five-hour production is told over two parts, which you can watch on the same day or over two consecutive days. It’s billed as telling the story of the adult Harry Potter and his friends – as they try to reconcile their actually quite traumatic pasts with their lives today. Meanwhile their children are feeling the pressure of their parents’ legacy. It’s a new story, but one in which J.K. Rowling had a hand, and which has won a stack of Olivier and Tony Awards. Expect it to clean up at the Helpmanns too.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child premieres on February 23 and runs until December 1 at the Princess Theatre.