Fab News: The Cheesy AF ‘Harry & Meghan’ Flick Will Air On Aussie TV

There are a ton of docos on Aussie TV right now about Prince Harry and Meghan tying the knot, tons. But none of them are enough. Fascinating as they are, they just lack the… spice, the totally ridiculous spice we need to cope with the onslaught of Royal Wedding news being thrown at us. Enter ~ Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance ~ the royal flick to add to your collection of shitty-good things you need in your life.

Lifetime have been teasing their incredibly accurate (sarcasm x 10) film based on the royal couple’s romance for some time now. There have been teaser trailers, full trailers, and behind-the-scene footage featuring a poor man’s Prince William and Kate. 

It’s fantastic and terrible all at once.

The film will hit US tellies come May 13 but for us Aussies, Vogue Australia has confirmation that Channel 7 will show the film on May 17 at 9:30pm. That’s two sleeps before the big day.

Lock it IN.

Here’s a checklist of just what this movie has on offer:

  • Party boy Harry before he met Meghan.
  • All the drama that followed Meghan around for being (act shocked) divorced and biracial. Oh, think of the children!
  • A disapproving Kate Middleton.
  • Annoying paparazzi.
  • A giraffe.
  • “She makes me happy so to hell with tradition” a line also said in the Kate and William flick and the Channel 10 Princess Mary one.

If you haven’t laid eyes on the stunning trailer for the film, you can catch it below:


To prepare yourself, you gotta relive the other two, you just have to:

William and Kate: The Movie

Mary: Making of a Princess

And just a bit of a side-tangent here but did you know you can buy swimsuits with Harry and Meghan’s face on it?

No really, you can. Bags Of Love are offering the custom printed swimsuits.

That’s innovation if I’ve ever seen it.

And the Meghan one:

Bags of Love.

Folks, it’s only 50 bucks in Aussie dollars. Worth it.

Happy Saturday.