In case Facebook wasn’t stretching the boundaries of self appraisal and narcissism enough, someone decided to invent Doppelganger week. A key indicator that the social networking tool (key word being, “tool”) has now reached its logical self-stoking limit.

Its members, who are beginning to show signs of delusion and denial include blue-eyed girls who recently decided to put in a brown rinse, now aligning themselves with Megan (rockin’) Fox, or even Ashley (who is she anyway?) Greene. In other reported cases, we’ve seen 99% of bottle-blondes and frequent Lip Plump consumers compare themselves to Scar Jo and even Claudia Schiffer. For starters, no-one looks like Scar Jo, and not even Claudia Schiffer looks like Claudia Schiffer anymore. Redheads, devoid of a vast pool of options, have simply resorted to LiLo.

Fortunately I’ve got some slightly more realistic friends who aren’t afraid to admit their uncanny resemblances to people like Oprah, Ghandi, Emilio Estevez and even (gasp) Christopher Walken. I’m even blessed enough to have a best friend who’s admitted he looks more like a gay wombat than anything else. Sure, they may not be flattering comparisons, but by God, they’re significantly more accurate than their real profile shots – taken from the most flattering of angles, by candlelight. Sunglasses on, of course.