WTAF: The Handmaid’s Tale Fans Have Spotted A Big, Gaping Plot-Hole In The Latest Episode

The latest season of The Handmaid’s Tale certainly hasn’t been short in scandal, from *that* controversial scene to a huge, gaping plot-hole found in one of the latest eps.

Fans on Reddit have taken issue with the fact that Fred and Serena are being represented by a female lawyer given that women in Gilead aren’t even allowed to bloody read.

Think about it, Fred’s own missus had her fucking FINGER CUT OFF for reading in front of a bunch of blokes (that scene still haunts me) and he even supported it, FFS.

How does one go from that, to suddenly being cool with a female lawyer in this universe? Does he not realise that reading is most definitely a skill needed to both become a lawyer and practice law?

This is a huge-ass plot hole and I demand answers from the writers of The Handmaid’s Tale, stat!

Head here to have a read of the full gripe on Reddit.

The other episode that fans took issue with was the one where June (Elisabeth Moss), now free after escaping her life as a handmaid, ends up returning home and raping her husband.

The Handmaid’s Tale fans have since taken to social media to voice that the scene made them feel uncomfortable and some believe that it should never have taken place.


The Handmaid’s Tale dropped its anticipated fourth season late last month after nearly 20 months off the air, as production on the fourth season was shut down for months due to the pandemic, as was many other productions across the globe.

The series is based on the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood and stars Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss as its hero.

New eps of The Handmaid’s Tale drop weekly on SBS Demand.

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