Lego Daddy Hamish Blake Just Nabbed Himself The Gold Logie And We Couldn’t Be Happier

Lego enthusiast and expert cake assembler Hamish Blake has just gone and won the Gold Logie. Go you good thing.

Now it’s very late, so I’m gonna keep this brief. Your local freelance pop culture arvo/nights writer needs her beauty sleep. Or just like, any sleep.

This is Hamish’s second Gold Logie, having copped his first back in 2012. A whole decade has passed since then and Aussie audiences are still fanging for the Blake. As they should.

Hamish’s speech was stupid, chaotic and genuinely funny, which after a very long ceremony, I appreciated.

First, Hamish claimed that this Gold Logie is actually worth three since there’s been a two-year gap between Logies. Having one Gold Logie already under his belt, this would make him a four-time Gold Logie winner which is honestly iconic. And he’s claiming it. Fair!

He very sweetly thanked his wife Zoe Foster Blake, as he said, “You are the most amazing of people.” Too cute.

He then covered his Logie’s ears (yeah it’s late, the Logie has ears) when he said his kids, “Winning an award is nice, but the greatest prize – close your ears, Logie – is getting to be your dad.”

And the entirety of Australia said “Awwwwww.”

Bless ya Hamish. Now don’t let this win make you lose touch with the common man.