Leaked Emails Show Netflix Slammed Halsey’s Tweets About New ‘Black Mirror’

Netflix executives have reportedly binned Halsey‘s suggestion that Ashley O, a character portrayed by Miley Cyrus in a new episode of Black Mirror, reflects many, many, aspects of her life.

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TMZ claims to have seen correspondence between Netflix executives discussing recent tweets from Halsey, born Ashley Frangipane, who mused on Ashley O’s status as a wig-wearing pop star.

The episode diverts from the realities of Halsey’s life in many significant ways, and includes the creation of weirdly intelligent dolls, a musician kept in a coma by her manager, and a pathetically detached exterminator.

Still, the hub-bub from a real-life popstar was reportedly enough for Netflix to question if the show’s specific  likeness to any person, living or dead, was actually unintentional.

TMZ reports an executive used an email chain to say that Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker was only peripherally aware of Halsey’s existence, and was unlikely to have ripped key elements from her actual life for a story about pop stars in general. The unnamed suit said Brooker and Co. would “cheerily” pound on that point if asked.

Moreover, an executive suggested Halsey wasn’t pushing for any kind of legal recourse with her tweets, but merely saw the episode as an excuse to voice her opinion.

Or, as they reportedly put it: “I think most people can see it’s a shameful desperate attempt at self-promotion.”

Unless it’s revealed that Halsey was hard at work on a Nine Inch Nails cover album and that she’s not allergic to fish tacos, that’s probably the end of that.