Got A Spare $35 Million? The ‘Scarface’ Mansion Is On The Market

Do you have a couple of million to splash around in the property market? Do you feel like your framed Scarface poster would look even more commanding if it was hanging in the actual mansion from Scarface

Well then, you may be in luck, because the luxury property in Montecito, California, is for sale, and can be yours for the entirely reasonable sum of US $35,000,000.
Because no fancy dwelling is complete without a name, this one goes El Fureidis, or Tropical Paradise. It’s set on 10 acres, with four bedrooms, nine bathrooms, Pacific Ocean views, and a number of Persian gardens, reflecting pools and terraces.
The domed ceilings are painted with 24k gold leaf, because of course they are, and while Scarface was filmed there, the likes of Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, and John F. Kennedy have lived there and visited.
Since the majority of The Block apartments this year come with fully-stocked wine cellars, it’s only right to assume that this place comes with a gigantic fucking mountain of cocaine. Seems only fair, given the price.
Just a thought, but we could all chip in a few grand and each have the place for one day every 10-15 years or so? It’s up to you guys.