‘Gogglebox’ Faves Adam & Symon Quit The Show, Insist It’s Not To Become The Next Bachelor

Gogglebox favourites Adam Densten and Symon Lovett have announced that they’re vacating their critics couch and leaving the show.

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Lovett took to social media to announce the “sad and exciting news” that they wouldn’t be returning for season 11.

“After 5 years we wanted to thank everyone that watched the show, helped make the show and was on the show,” Lovett wrote on Instagram.

“We were asked to be on Gogglebox 5 years ago, sitting at a pub.

“We thought we might get some free beers out of it, on that front we’ve well and truly filled out boots.

“We’re pumped for the future and if you’ve got a job I know a couple of guys. #unemployed.”

Densten also shared the news on Instagram.

“The last 5 years of fun started when we were found at a pub and only said yes to the being on the show because we wanted to go to the Logies,” he wrote.

“Thank you to the cast, the crew and of course everyone who has watched the show and allowed two idiots have more fun than they could dream of.

“The biggest thank you of all is reserved for @symonlovett, wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else and literally couldn’t have done it without you.

“We’re planning on still being around on your TV and radio a bit longer though, so if anyone has a job for us, we’ve got a lot of time on our hands! #couchpotatoesnomore.”

The pair said they would go into more depth on their reasons for leaving in their podcast, The Adam and Simon Show, on Tuesday.

Former Gogglebox star and recent Bachelorette Angie Kent expressed her sadness over their departure, writing: “Won’t be the same without you two that’s for sure.”

Her co-star Yvie Jones also weighed in: “Congrats boys!!! So proud of you making the leap! I can imagine we’ll be seeing MUCH more of you two xxx.”

The pair denied claims that they were quitting to become the next Bachelor, as their former co-star Angie once did.