Gemma Chan’s Crazy Rich Asians Character Is Getting A Spinoff Movie So Long Live The Rom-Com

Buckle up romance fans ‘cos Crazy Rich Asians is getting a spinoff flick all about queen Gemma Chan’s character Astrid. Without knowing any other details I’m already invested.

It’s been a while since Crazy Rich Asians landed on our screens back in 2018. The movie was based on a book of the same name by Kevin Kwan.

In case you’ve forgotten, Astrid was leading man Nick’s (Henry Golding) cousin. During the film Astrid found out that her husband Michael (Pierre Png) was cheating.

Then in a mid-credits scene, she made eyes at her ex-fiancé Charlie played by Glee and Shadowhunters star Harry Shum Jr.

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Now Deadline has broken the news that the two characters will be the focus of a whole new film. Plus we’re still getting the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians, which was confirmed in 2019.

The sequel and the spinoff will both be based off Kevin Kwan’s second book China Rich Girlfriend. We love to see an expansion of the CRACU (Crazy Rich Asians Cinematic Universe).

In China Rich Girlfriend it’s revealed that Astrid and Charlie were engaged but her parents didn’t approve of the relationship and broke them up. Classic rom-com fare, God I love this shit.

The film will be produced by Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. ChuNina JacobsonBrad Simpson and John Penotti. Jacobson, Simpson and Penotti all produced the first film.

It’ll be written by Barry writer Jason Kim while Crazy Rich Asian’s sequel will be written by Amy Wang.

I’m simply so excited to see Harry Shum Jr. as a leading romance man. I just know he’ll absolutely bloody kill it.

Plus the internet was absolutely jazzed by the idea too.

This is proof that our rom-com era is back in full swing.

First there was J Lo and Owen Wilson’s romantic turn in Marry Me. Then OG rom-com queen Meg Ryan revealed she’d be returning to our screens opposite David Duchovny. Plus Julia Robert and George Clooney will be starring in Ticket to Paradise as a divorced couple who reunite to stop their daughter (Booksmart’s Kaitlyn Dever) getting married.

And now Gemma Chan and Harry Shum Jr getting their own romance flick is the icing on the cake.

Rom-coms are officially back, baby. Thank God!