‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners Threaten To Kill The Only Pure Couple Left

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss aren’t known for dishing out that many interviews, especially in between seasons as they’re usually too busy cooking up how best to shit all over our hearts by brutally discarding fan favourite characters in the next season of the epic dragons and bewbs drama.
So consider this new interview with Entertainment Weekly a precious little gift of light in an otherwise dark and dreary, super delayed wait for season 7, which is still about 3 bloody weeks away.
Whilst light on anything you’d consider a legit spoiler, the lengthy chat is fairly chockers with tasty morsels of new information, with the pair admitting the pressure is on going into the penultimate season, after the universally frothed upon final two episodes of last season set the bar pretty bloody high:

“It’s incredibly hard to top those two. Miguel [‘Battle of the Bastards’ episode director] did such a fantastic job, all the departments and actors everybody topped themselves in those episodes. So trying to live up to that standard is certainly added pressure.”

The GoT head honchos also reveal how they kinda underestimated how hard it would get in later seasons to shoot scenes that involve any of the three no-longer-bebe dragons, who by the looks of this season’s trailer, are now almost the size of a fucking Boeing 777:

“…about four or five years ago we asked Joe Bauer, our visual effects maestro, if he could show us concept art from like where we were in season 3 to their full size. It was pretty incredible because they grow to an extraordinary extent. Finally this year they’re no longer babies and it makes every scene with them more complicated to shoot. We’re seeing stuff from the visual effects team and every time they’re flying through the screen it’s impossible to take your eyes off them. I’m excited for people to watch it.”

The scariest takeaway from the EW chat though, has to be the machievellian motherfuckers stating their, hopefully tongue-in-cheek, desire to murder one or both of the greatest not-yet-a-couple TV has given us in the past few years, Brienne and Tormond:

“There was the episode where they’re all leaving Castle Black together and there’s a shot — it wasn’t scripted at all — of two of them on horseback and she looks at him and he smiles at her. It’s not something you could ever write. It’s just this moment where this guy is creeping out on her and he smiles in a way that makes her very uncomfortable and she just looks away… it inspires us because we need to kill one of them now because there can’t be a happy ending or any romantic connection on the show.”

YOU GODAMN MOTHERFUCKERS. Can we have no joy in this world?

Head to the full interview for more, including some snippets on WTF Ed Sheeran is doing on the show in season 7 and how they’re going currently penning the scripts for the last ever season.
GoT is back on your screens July 17th.
Source: EW.
Photo: Game of Thrones / HBO.