New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Appears To Have Leaked So Shield Your Innocent Eyes

A slew of leaked videos and stills from Game Of Thrones have emerged online, just hours before the fourth episode of the show’s final season premieres worldwide.

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There’s practically zero way to go discuss the leaks without overt spoilers, but we’ll try. In two words: hachi machi. 

Footage observed by Pedestrian appears to show major characters who survived the infamous Battle Of Winterfell facing new hardships from familiar faces. Two others share a romantic moment, and several key alliances are severely tested.

A text-based description, which appears to describe the episode, also emerged online several days ago. It covers several of the key plot points observed in the apparent Game Of Thrones footage circulating online, while suggesting things are going to get much, much bloodier.

Reactions from certain corners of the Thrones fandom have been… Well, have a peek at the Game Of Thrones subreddit for yourself:

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The source of the leak is currently unclear, but it’s just the latest headache for a production with famously zealous rules regarding its secrecy.

We will update this article if, and when, the leaked information is confirmed in the upcoming episode.

UPDATE: Well, well, well. It appears several of the plot points kicked up before the episode came to fruition, while a great many others were left unfulfilled. That doesn’t mean they won’t happen in upcoming episodes, mind you. If the series plays out as dictated in the write-up, expect folks to get mad.