This ‘GOT’ Theory About The Winterfell Crypts Is Terrifying & We Hate It

Given we’re finally getting that huge Army Of The Dead battle next week on Game Of Thrones, fans all over the globe are going nuts with theories on what exactly the Night King‘s plan is for Winterfell and the living. And one of the most concerning theories for fans of, well, THE LIVING – is this Game Of Thrones crypt theory.

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The theory seems to come from Reddit user IgnorantSportsFan, who picked up on something in the trailer for next week. Basically – is the Night King going to raise the dead Starks in the crypt with his fancy dead-raising powers?

[SPOILERS] Something clicked during the preview for next week…
by u/IgnorantSportsFan in gameofthrones

As you can see, the theory hinges on the line between Dany and Jon, as well as scenes of Arya fighting down in the crypts from previous trailers.

Two things that might get in the way – firstly, we know the Night King can raise the dead to become wights. But we’ve only seen him do it with the recently deceased. Can he raise age-old bones to become wights? Because those dead Starks are pretty damn old, except for Ned, Catelyn, Robb and Rickon.

Then there’s the whole thing about the crypts being protected by magic. Can the Night King even get access to them, even with his mind? I have a feeling he can’t… but what if Bran Stark goes down there? We know Bran has been “marked” by the Night King – remember, he has the hand-print on his arm? He even mentioned it this week. So if Bran goes in, does the mark mean the Night King can gain access.

If so… Jesus, that’s not going to be good for all those defenceless folks hiding out down in the supposedly protected crypts, is it.