‘Friday Night Lights’ Is Gonna Be “Reimagined” Via An All-New Feature Film

It’s been seven long-ass years since we saw how the fine town of DillonTexas was doing, but it looks as if Universal Pictures is keen to dive into the Friday Night Lights well once again.

The studio is reportedly circling a “reimagining” of the story, which is based on H.G. Bissinger‘s 1988 non-fiction book of the same name.

That book was first adapted into the 2004 film starring Billy Bob Thornton, using the real-life city of Odessa, Texas as the setting and the real-life team based at Permian High School as its basis.

The subsequent (really bloody good) TV series fabricated the Texas town of Dillon and the Dillon Panthers for the series.

This new film, it’s said, will not serve as a prequel, sequel, or companion to either the film or the TV show; rather, it’ll feature a completely new town and setting, while still maintaining a Texas-bent, focusing on a small town high school football team, its players and associated families, and the impact the team’s fortunes has on the wider community.

Universal bosses are said to be in final negotiations with David Gordon Green to direct the new flick, who you might remember as the bloke who previously helmed flicks like Pineapple ExpressStronger, and Prince Avalanche.

The film will reportedly sport an entirely new cast, meaning Coach Taylor isn’t moving up to a job at a bigger school, and there’s no hope for any in-the-future update on Tim Riggins, alas.

No word on any potential release schedule is available, but definitely watch this space, and keep your eyes clear and your heart full.

Going by the previous two attempts at adapting the OG book, a third practically can’t lose.