An Anon TV Host Spilt Bulk Tea On The Aussie Celebs Who Are Proper Douche Nozzles Off-Screen

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A former TV star has hopped onto Reddit to conduct an Ask Me Anything about their time in the spotlight. They were asked about who in the Aussie TV space is an absolute douche nozzle and who is nice, and the answers are indeed spicy.

The male star claimed to be the host of a children’s show similar to Blue’s Clues that ended in 2010, but now they apparently work in an office job.

But we aren’t here to play the guessing game of who the fuck this is, we’re here for the spicy tea.

One user wrote in the Reddit thread asking who the biggest “jerks” are behind the scenes.

The TV star didn’t hesitate to list off a whole heap of people, calling out the following individuals:

  • Osher Günsberg (The Bachelor)
  • Marcia Hines (Former Australian Idol host)
  • Mark Holden (Former Australian Idol host)
  • Marie-Louise Theile (Former Ten News presenter)
  • Tim Arvier (Nine News journalist)
  • Neale Whitaker (The Block)
  • Ant (British hosting duo Ant & Dec)
  • Dennis Rodman (former professional Basketball player)

He also claimed to have heard “pretty bad things” about Samantha Armytage (former Sunrise host) and Erika Heynatz (Aussie model).

However, there was also a long list of Aussie celebs who were a pleasure to be around and they were the following:

  • Sophie Monk (host of Beauty & The Geek and former member of Bardot)
  • Jessica Mauboy (Aussie singer)
  • Ricki-Lee Coulter (Aussie singer and former member of The Young Divas, the greatest girl group of our time)
  • Casey Donovan (Aussie singer and actor)
  • Shelley Craft (Hosting legend, icon and queen)
  • Melissa Downes (Nine News journalist)
  • Sophie Walsh (Nine News journalist)
  • Ranger Stacey (former Totally Wild host)
  • Rob Mills (Aussie actor)
  • Dec (British hosting duo Ant & Dec)
  • Adam Lambert (Singer)
  • Courtney Act (Superstar Aussie drag queen)
  • Iggy Azalea (Aussie rapper)
  • Guy Sebastian (Aussie singer)

Good things were also said about Gretel Killeen (former Big Brother host) and Grant Denyer (former host of every TV show to come out in the last decade), but the anonymous TV host has never met either of them.

“I had no idea how much traction a Reddit thread gets and I’m feeling a bit surprised about all of this,” they wrote after the Reddit thread attracted multiple eyes.

“I didn’t know this was a guessing game and am sorry if it’s annoyed anyone, but everything I have said is fully true and am wrapping my mind around the number of views right now!”

If you need me, I’m going to be going through all the clues he provided about who he really is. This is like guessing celebs on Deuxmoi.