Here’s Your First Look At Zac Efron As Infamous Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Here we go – at long last, here’s your first look at Zac Efron as infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.

Ready to be sexually attracted to someone who’s done many, many murders?

Explain this one in therapy.

It was reported mid last year that Efron would be playing the serial killer and necrophile, who used his good looks and charm to lure young women and girls to their deaths. (Before his execution in 1989, Bundy confessed to murdering 30 people, although the true victim count could be much higher; even by serial killer standards this dude was fuuuucked. Made Charles Manson look like Winnie the Pooh.)

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile tells the story of Bundy from the point of view of his long-time girlfriend Liz Kloeper (Lily Collins), who had no idea that her de facto partner was, in the words of biographer Ann Rule, “a sadistic sociopath who took pleasure from another human’s pain and the control he had over his victims, to the point of death, and even after.”

John Malkovich also recently signed on to play Edward Cowart, the judge who presided over the trial and sentenced Bundy to death.

Production officially begins tomorrow. Cannot wait for this movie, tbqh with you.